Industrial Grade

Sewage discharging of basement equipment, sewage water treatment plant, local market of community, Management of sewage systems.

Relief Grade

The displacement is large, easy to move and install, using diesel Engine to be the power system, suitable for drought and flood prevention.

Home use

Aluminum alloy punching press cover manufacturers in one piece, light weight and durable, easy to hand up and move to anywhere.
Yong Ho is the professional manufacturer of pumps, also pass through ISO 9001 certification and we are the leading brand of Taiwan export market. There are widely kinds of our pumps, separate in several fields: clarified water pump, bilge pump, high-lift pump, sewage pump, milling pump, sand discharge pump, chemical pump, industrial pump, deep-well pump, stainless deep-well pump and related components.
Yong Ho has lots of customer supporting after our efforts on selling experience in many years, also "more and more creative" is our philosophy. Yong Ho grows stable every year and we are the leading brand of the market.
We are mainly responsible for manufacturing and do repairing for many kinds of pumps. With many professional manufacturing years experience, we have developed and design mobile type pumps since 1999 that the pioneer in this field of Taiwan market, you can trust us without any hesitations.